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RadioLED is a leading provider of cutting-edge communication technology and services, offering scalable solutions for communities of all sizes. 

RadioLED’s vision is to make high-speed and affordable broadband connectivity available and accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to empower and provide added value to our partners and the communities they serve through network as a service solutions.

We provide

- patented, cutting-edge network technology

- a financially self-sustaining business partnership model

- efficient, fast installation and low maintenance

- high quality, reliable, low-emission networks

- future-proof installations (5G, IoT, etc.)

- seamless integration of current (old) and future communication technology and protocols

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The RadioLED Core Network infrastructure is a mesh network that consists of software and hardware components, called multipoints, managed through a dashboard for measuring and monitoring. The operating system software is installed in the network infrastructure, has self-healing/managing capabilities and can manage different communication protocols.

Each multipoint consists of a powerful processor and storage options and together with other nodes builds a powerful data center.

The RadioLED solution is truly wireless and does not require backhaul connection at every device. Our devices are normally installed in existing lighting infrastructure or public buildings.

The RadioLED Core Network provides 5G functionality and allows to integrate existing and new telecommunication devices and infrastructure (i.e. fiber optic cables).

The RadioLED Core Network is a Smart City Operating System in itself, which empowers the municipal government to steer their city infrastructure.

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The RadioLED Small Cell technology does not require earth excavations and it can be built in any location in a very short time. RadioLED networks cover entire communities homogeneously. The radio wave load of the population is reduced to a fraction of today.

With the RadioLED network, the commercial possibilities in the different regions and industries can be optimally exploited. Along this value chain, the technical future is being redefined.

Smart City: Based on RadioLED technology, there are hardly any limits to innovative urban planning concepts. Public W-LAN hotspots (including public transport), digital info points, digital parking monitoring, visitor flow control, smart metering, traffic guidance systems, light shows and sound technology are a small selection of the possibilities offered.

Rural Area: State-of-the-art area-wide RadioLED broadband networks ensure economic development in rural regions and enable residents and businesses to carry out their activities.

Indoor: Based on RadioLED technology, operators of shopping centers, commercial or office buildings can provide all tenants and visitors with full broadband Internet access within the buildings.

There are further areas of application such as tourism, sports and events, road safety, connectivity in tunnels and global infrastructure.

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We invite communities and investors alike to join us in building the networks of the future and to benefit from the revenues generated by these RadioLED networks.

Please note that the cost of installing a RadioLED network is only a fraction of that of existing network technologies.

RadioLED networks are available in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Czech Republik. Caribbean Island, USA and the Netherlands will follow soon and provide a new edge network for its citizens. 

If you want to get familiar with the powerful RadioLED network technology, we invite you to visit our test track in Walchsee, Austria.

We are looking forward to your message.

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The questions and answers below are based on questions received from different stakeholders, such as municipal council members, municipal management staff, residents and businesses as well as journalists and technology enthusiasts.

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Head of Global Sales

Messinastrasse 30

9495 Triesen

Gregory Engelbrecht

RadioLED International

Messinastrasse 30

9495 Triesen


Mag. Lucas Mayr


Kornstraße 7a

4060 Leonding


Andreas Strasser


Neuhofstrasse 5a
6340 Baar

Andreas Strasser

Further RadioLED Team members

Please also feel free to contact us to get connected to the RadioLED teams in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the USA, and the Caribbean Islands.

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